This week at Wise at the J!

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Every Wednesday, the chef at the JCC prepares a kosher meal served fresh at noon. The meal costs only a $3 donation to the program, provided in cash or check. This week's meal on Wednesday is cheese lasagna with salad and garlic bread.

–  Wednesday Lunch

Same as Wednesdays, a kosher lunch is provided for a $3 donation. This week's meal on Friday is a vegetarian frittata and roasted potato salad.

– Friday Lunch 

After the meal on Wednesday, the group will watch a movie. These movies are decided by the group on a monthly basis, and try to include Jewish themes or values. This week's movie is Grandma (2015).

– Wednesday Movie

Every Friday beginning after the conclusion of lunch, a group of Washtenaw county players gather with us at the JCC and play games of Mahjong together which are open to the public.

– Friday Mahjong 

What is W.I.S.E. at the J?

WISE at the J is a congregate meal program that takes place at the JCC and is organized by Jewish Family Services of Washtenaw County. Currently, the program takes place on Wednesdays and Fridays. Starting in the New Year, we will be running WISE at the J on Tuesdays as well. During the program, we serve a delicious and nutritious lunch. Lunch is served at 12pm and typically includes a main course, soup, salad, fruit and a desert. After lunch, there is always a fun program. On Wednesdays, the group watches a movie together. On Fridays, the group plays Mahjong. We have a variety of other games available as well. For this program we ask for a suggested donation of $3 for anyone older than 60. There is a fee of $5.50 for anyone under 60 years old.