Staff Resources & More

If you have additional forms that you believe should be on this page, please send them to cnelson@jfsannarbor.org and they will be added.

Marketing Request Form


If you have any requests for a flyer, something to be placed on the website, something to be included in an email newlesster or email blast, or really any marketing questions or information of any kind, please fill this out!

Unsure where to start? Email cnelson@jfsannarbor.org to schedule a meeting.


Event Assistance Request Form


This form will help the JFS Development/Marketing/Events/Communications team respond to your event needs in a timely and efficient manner. You are welcome to skip portions that do not apply to your event.

Unsure where to start? Email gabbym@jfsannarbor.org to schedule a meeting. 


Staff Recognition Form

Moving forward please utilize this google form to Form – https://forms.gle/ziK7KPmyAmWsvkJCA to submit staff recognition. This form can be completed any time, by ANYONE, for any staff member. At each monthly all staff meeting we will announce those who have been recognized via this form from the previous month.

In addition, we will be utilizing the data from these submissions to provide something special to those who have been recognized multiple times each year. For example, if one person submitted this form for me, every month, by Jan 1st (in a full year) I would have 12 recognitions, the more recognitions received for one person, the more likely they will be provided something to reward them for their work.

Incident Report Form