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Partners in Care Concierge

Partners in Care Concierge

JFS exists to create solutions for everyone in our community. 


Partners in Care Concierge (PiCC) is an innovative program that provides support for older adults and their caregivers through coordinated care and medical appointment accompaniment.  Clients who desire assistance in accessing health care (attending appointments, remembering medical instructions, scheduling follow-up appointments, etc.) are paired with ‘Partners’ who assist with these activities. Partners are intensively trained to act as support to clients before, during and after medical appointments.

Visit www.jfspartnersincare.org for more information and to schedule an appointment.

PiCC helps clients by…

  • Accompanying clients to medical appointments or selective procedures
  • Facilitating communication between client and physician, making sure concerns are expressed and clients understand the information the physician shares
  • Offering continued emotional support and companionship

 PiCC helps Caregivers by…

  • Easing the responsibility of caregiving by preventing burnout and relieving the stress of missing work
  • Supporting their ability to care for aging loved ones

Partners complete a thorough training before they embark on appointments, ensuring they are properly prepared to facilitate productive communication between clients and medical professionals. Partners provide comfort and confidence to clients and their family before, during and after medical appointments. Following appointments, Partners methodically report accurate information about what transpired during the medical visit to caregivers, as well as comprehensive, detailed notes on any prescribed follow-up care.

Looking for engaging and rewarding work? Would you like to replicate this program? Are you a potential client? Contact us today: partnersincare@jfsannarbor.org or 734-769-0209) or visit www.jfspartnersincare.org.

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