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Food Pantry

Food Pantry

Access to sufficient and nutritious food is a human right. 

JFS believes we should do our part to protect this right and that all people should be able to to feed themselves in dignity, access sufficient food that it adequately meets the individual's dietary needs.

The JFS Food Pantry program is available to individuals and families in need throughout Washtenaw County. In addition to providing non-perishable food items to households in need, the JFS Food Pantry also offers fresh produce and an array of specialty food items to those with medical or religious dietary restrictions.

The JFS Food Pantry is the only one of its kind in Washtenaw County, regularly offering specialty food items such as gluten-free products, low-sodium and liquid nutrition for seniors, dairy-free products, and specialty food products for those who observe Kosher and Halal food guidelines.

To find out more about our hours for walk-ins, please contact us. Our contact details are: info@jfsannarbor.org or (734) 769-0209.

Our staff is also happy to assist those in need with information and referrals to other Washtenaw County programs when appropriate.