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Clinical & Community Services

Pressures facing individuals and families today seem more complex and urgent than ever  before. JFS Clinical & Community Services (CCS) social work staff and MSW student interns address a wide range of crisis needs in the community. The thorough intake and assessment allow us to triage crisis needs and develop client-centered goals, objectives, and actions that will assist you in resolving immediate crises, creating stability, addressing underlying causes, enhancing self-sufficiency and a sense of empowerment that will help to prevent future crises.

JFS is an active community partner, and we work to ensure we can fulfill the needs of our clients, while not duplicating services already offered in Washtenaw County. If you are seeking services from JFS and are not already a JFS client, you will be asked to conduct a brief intake over the phone or in person. This brief screening is an opportunity to discuss your needs with a skilled and caring member of JFS staff who will then identify how we can best address your needs. The services described below are available to all clients, as determined necessary and appropriate by both you and the Intake Specialist and/or Director of Clinical & Community Services. Services can include:

The JFS Food Pantry

All residents of Washtenaw County experiencing a need for food are welcome to contact JFS for a brief eligibility screening to access free food assistance through the JFS Food Pantry. Food pantry visits are by appointment only, and are generally limited to once per month. JFS is proud to be a client choice pantry where patrons are welcome to choose items in a welcoming shopping environment where you will be treated with courtesy and respect. The food pantry includes foods for special dietary restrictions, such as Halal, Kosher, gluten free and low-sodium. JFS is a proud partner of Food Gatherers.

Client Advocacy

Navigating the variety of resources available in the community can be a difficult task, especially when you are experiencing a crisis. JFS can assist you in accessing appropriate resources and can often advocate on your behalf to ensure your needs are met.

Information and Referrals

At JFS, we strive to provide the most comprehensive services possible to our clients. But, like you, sometimes we can’t do it alone. If you have needs that can’t be met by our wide range of services, JFS will provide detailed information and referrals to one or more of our incredible community partners to ensure you get the assistance you need. JFS is an active member of more than 12 community collaboratives, allowing skilled JFS staff to consistently stay up to date on the wide array of resources available in the community.

Counseling Services

Our skilled, compassionate licensed social workers provide counseling services in a variety of areas such as caregiving, anxiety, grief, loss, stress management, unemployment/career change, goal setting, amongst others. JFS offers professional, effective and confidential counseling services to couples, families and individuals of all ages. We operate on a fee-for-services basis, and we accept most health insurance plans serving consumers in Washtenaw County (for an exhaustive list please visit our counseling page).

Reduced fees are available based on income. Fees are due at the time of service.

Capacity: We are experiencing increasing requests for clinical and community services while our staffing levels remain limited. Requests for service are returned in the order they are received, within 24-48 hours. If you need assistance prior to receiving your call back, we invite you to contact United Way 211 for more immediate assistance (dial 211).

Intake: Please call (734) 769-0209 to complete a short telephone interview with one of our Intake Specialists to discuss your needs and goals. Because of limited staffing hours, all initial requests for service are handled on the phone only.

Note: We cannot accept walk-in requests. Please refer to the list below and contact those agencies listed for the following services we are not able to provide:

Domestic Violence – Please contact SAFEhouse at (734) 995-5444.

Legal Advice/Services – You may contact Legal Services of Southeast Michigan (734) 665-6181.

Psychiatric Emergencies – Please contact 911 or Psychiatric Emergency at U of M at (734) 936-5900.

Shelter – Please contact SOS Homeless Family Services at (734) 484-4300, Salvation Army Staples Family Center at (734) 761-7750, or Delonis Center at 662-2829.

Substance Abuse – Please contact Dawn Farms 662-2829 or UMATS at (734) 764-9190.

You can also dial 211 to locate social service agencies providing services for your specific need.