Community Assistance

During the Covid 19 crisis, we will be responding to requests for services, but please be patient with us as our response may be impacted by volume of demand and other variables.

Click here to view our operational updates and community response during this time. 

Pressures facing individuals and families today seem more complex and urgent than ever before.

JFS Community Assistance social work staff and MSW student interns address a wide range of crisis needs in the community. The thorough intake and assessment allow us to triage crisis needs and develop client-centered goals, objectives, and actions that will assist you in resolving immediate crises, creating stability, addressing underlying causes, enhancing self-sufficiency and a sense of empowerment that will help to prevent future crises.

JFS is an active community partner, and we work to ensure we can fulfill the needs of our clients, while not duplicating services already offered in Washtenaw County. If you are seeking services from JFS and are not already a JFS client, you will be asked to conduct a brief intake over the phone or in person. This brief screening is an opportunity to discuss your needs with a skilled and caring member of JFS staff who will then identify how we can best address your needs.

Specialty Food Pantry
The JFS Specialty Food Pantry program is available to individuals and families in need throughout Washtenaw County. In addition to providing non-perishable food items to households in need, the JFS Food Pantry also offers fresh produce and an array of specialty food items to those with medical or religious dietary restrictions. Visit the Specialty Food Pantry page for more information.
Care Management

When needs become overwhelming JFS can step in and help you manage the services you need.  By designing a plan with you, JFS can be your partner to help you reach your goals.

Crisis Intervention
Emergencies can quickly come up in your, or your loved ones, lives.  JFS can help you in accessing specialized services and funds within Washtenaw county to help you cope with the unexpected.
Thrive Counseling
Therapy is offered through Thrive Counseling. Trained therapists through the program focus on a variety of topics, including grief. Visit www.thrivecounselinga2.com for more information.