Ensuring an Inspired Tomorrow

JFS: Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow

Without a sense of caring, there can be no sense of community.

25 Years Ago!

It was yesterday – 25 years ago – in response to critical Jewish community needs, that JFS was created: caring for refugees escaping from the former Soviet Union and providing specialized mental health services. Today – JFS has grown to become Washtenaw County’s premier human services agency providing crucial support for thousands of families through Older Adult Programs, Mental Health and Community Services, Employment and Career Services and International Services for families from 40 countries.

JFS serves a diverse and international population. Its mission is to create solutions, promote dignity, and inspire humanity.


9,700 individuals relied on JFS for at least one support service, and in some cases, multiple services last year.

The Amster Center provided guidance for JFS to generate earned income to reduce dependence on grants

people required food assistance

clients received financial assistance or crisis and case management services

immigrants received resettlement and post-resettlement assistance

successful corporate partnership programs were developed by the Amster Center

people were provided legal immigration services

years of providing services for those in need with help from the community

round trips by Transportation Services to medical and other locations provided

Thrive Counseling program accepted all major insurance plans, including Medicaid

people attended English as a Second Language program

clients were seen by Thrive counselors

new vans added to its fleet: 8 for client transportation and 2 cargo vans

older adults received social services, caregiver consultations, and accompaniment to medical appointments

people received employment and career services


One person caring about another represents life’s greatest mission.

The Future is Now!

JFS faces an unknown future. In addition, with federal and state funding decreasing, and a $3 million annual operating budget it is the Board’s goal to protect its clients and its services by establishing a “Protecting Our Future Fund,” a nest egg. Funding agencies are expecting grantees to have an operating reserve of 25 to 50 percent of its operating budget. However, JFS cannot do it alone.


  • The time is now for our friends and neighbors to make a significant investment to protect the future of JFS.
  • The time is now to create a JFS reserve to ensure that these important services for the most vulnerable are not interrupted.
  • The time is now for your help! Your long-term commitment will prepare JFS for unforeseen challenges, for responding to contingencies, and for protecting the future.

JFS serves a diverse and international population. Its mission is to create solutions, promote dignity, and inspire humanity.

You Can Help!

There are no problems, only opportunities for growth.

The stories of our clients could be your stories:


Immigration Services, Job Counseling

Amir, who worked with the U.S. military in Afghanistan, is receiving job counseling to start a new life in the U.S.


Mental Health Counseling Services

Anita, who suffers from life long depression, benefits from JFS mental health counseling.


Food, Transportation Services

Helen, at 93, can live alone thanks to JFS food and transportation.

These clients, and thousands more, rely on JFS. Their needs are critical.

Our goal is to grow our operating reserves, the Protecting Our Future Fund, so that we can be better prepared for contingencies.

Contact Devon Meier at dmeier@jfsannarbor.org for more information.