Experience a piece of something extraordinary…

You are cordially invited to help us celebrate our community and honor those whose time, talent and expertise empower our mission


2:00 pm—5:00 pm

A. Alfred Taubman Biomedical Science Research Building

109 Zina Pitcher Place | Ann Arbor, MI 48109

Complimentary Valet Parking

RSVP by April 20


Begins promptly at 2:00pm

Emcees Barbara Stark-Nemon & Barry Nemon

Honorary Chairs: Susan & Larry AdlerCarol AmsterFran & Mark Berg, and Debbie & Norman Herbert


Enjoy a medley of cuisines, engage with our community at interactive stations, and participate in building an original JFS Mosaic:

Mosaic of Our Community

The mosaic is a metaphor for the development and growth of Jewish Family Services of Washtenaw County, where many different services, events, experiences and partnerships combine to create the exquisite, one-of a kind masterpiece we call JFS.

Original Mosaic designed by Gail Rosenbloom Kaplan & Dani Katsir. Upon completion, the 4ft finished mosaic will be installed in the JFS lobby


Old National Bank

Through volunteerism, corporate sponsorships, foundation grants and financial education, Old National Bank has been a long time friend and valued partner to JFS. This commitment to community helps define Old National’s mission and vision as a community bank.

Leslie Bash

For over 40 years, Leslie Bash has shared her vision, passion, and dedication with Jewish communities. Whether heading the JCC, The Jewish Film Festival, The Jewish Book Festival or serving on countless committees and multiple boards, including the JFS Board, she leads by example, kindly giving back to strengthen our community.

The Bernstein Award was created in honor of Claire and Isadore Bernstein z’l, leaders in the Ann Arbor Jewish Community, and is presented to outstanding individuals, businesses and organizations who demonstrate exemplary service to JFS and the community.

JFS is proud to present the inaugural Amster Award to

Gretchen Gardner & Josh Pokempner

Gretchen Gardner and Josh Pokempner have participated in, networked, advocated, and grown a number of progressive non-profits and charities in the Ann Arbor community. Their creative and passionate approach to community, and to business, illuminate The Amster Center’s foundational adage: “Do good things, but remember the bottom line so you can do more good things.

The Herb Amster Center was created in honor of Herb Amster z’l, a beloved local entrepreneur and innovative leader, and this award is presented to individuals, businesses and organizations for achievement in leadership and involvement in the Amster Center.


Support Mosaic


Includes 6 tickets. Logo will appear on all event material and in e-newsletter identifying your company or family as a Mosaic sponsor. Logo will appear on all digital event material with live link. Logo will appear on table tents at event. Full page ad in program book. Includes Cultural Humility or Mindfulness employee training session delivered by The Amster Center, powered by JFS

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Includes 4 tickets. Logo will appear on all event material and in e-newsletter identifying your company or family as a Mosaic sponsor. Half page ad in program book. Logo will appear on table tents at event.

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Includes 2 tickets. Logo will appear on all event material identifying your company or family as a Mosaic sponsor. Quarter page ad in program book. Logo will appear on table tents at event.

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Full page—$750
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Quarter Page—$200

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