“Grandparenting” in 2020: A Panel Discussion

Join Congregational Social Worker, Rebecca Nieubuurt, and our esteemed panelist for a lively presentation on challenges, joys, and make it work moments as we try to navigate enjoying grandchildren, protecting our health, maintaining connections to community, and setting healthy boundaries with adult children.

Date: November 18th, 5:00pm

Location: Zoom Webinar (Zoom URL will be sent to you upon registration.)

Featured Panelists:

Sunie Levin

Psychologist, Educator, Grandmother to 22 Grandchildren and Author, “Make New Friends…Live Longer,” “You and Your Grandchildren Special Ways to Keep in Touch,” “Mingled Roots: For Grandparent of Interfaith Grandchildren” and more.

Dr. Paul Turke

The world’s first Darwinian pediatrician, with theoretical work in biology on the evolution of sex, complexity and senescence, clinical work in pediatrics for more than a decade, and field work in anthropology.

Roberta Hirshon, LMSW

LMSW and Grandmother to 7 Grandchildren, currently Project Manager for the Caregiver Support Program at Jewish Family Services, she also consults with American Indian Health and Family Services of Detroit.

Barb Zaret, LMSW

LMSW and grandmother to 2 grandchildren, a retired geriatric social worker with a 33 year career as Coordinator for Washtenaw County Medicare/Medicaid Assistance Program and Turner Geriatric Clinic Volunteer Coordinator.