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Music has been proven time and time again to have beneficial effects on both the body and the mind. In scientific studies music has been shown to reduce psychological stress, and promote healing. Register for our Wellness Wednesdays Virtual Concert:

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Join Congregational Social Worker, Rebecca Nieubuurt, and our esteemed panelist for a lively presentation on challenges, joys, and make it work moments as we try to navigate enjoying grandchildren, protecting our health, maintaining connections to community, and setting healthy boundaries with adult children. Watch the panel here. 

Diversity Day

January 20, 2020

JFSU: Spotlight on Ethiopia

January 30, 2020


October 6, 2019

Living The Lessons of History

October 27, 2019

Innovations in Aging

November 7, 2019

SAFEtalk 15+

November 17, 2019