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Dinner With The Family

Dinner With The Family Host/Menu Information & Ticket Purchase

Please note: this page is being updated daily with new, exciting options for culinary experiences! The below reflects meal options as of 03/28/17. Please check back with us shortly for new destinations and delicious themes.

Friday, April 21st 2017

Hosts: June & Rich Swartz and Mona & Ed Goldman
Friday, April 21st
“A Journey through the Culinary Arts of France”
No pork/shellfish.
Hors D’oeuvres: Gougre/Salmon-Roe Stuffed Mushrooms
Soupe: Vichyssoise
Baguette Poisson: Cod St. Jacques
Stuffed Cornish Hens
Haricotvert Pomme Anna
Salade: Endive Pear Belle Helene (Poires)
Dippled Cholates – Fraises/L’oranges macaroons
Wines-Vins: Rouges Et Sauterne
Café Tea
Maximum number of guests: 8
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Hosts: Beth & Jeff Wilensky
Friday, April 21st
“Family Shabbat Dinner”
Burnt eggplant and tahini dip with pita bread
Spring salad
Marinated sweet & sour fish
Herb pie
Basmati and wild rice with chickpeas, currants, and herbs
Simple pasta
Steamed broccoli
Caramelized brandy pears
Ice cream
Maximum number of guests: 8
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Hosts: Levana & Steve Aronson and Heather & Stuart Dombey
Friday, April 21st
“Eclectic Shabbat Dinner”

Kosher Home
Fish & vegetarian
Selection of wines and spirits
Maximum number of guests: 10
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Saturday, April 22nd 2017

Hosts: Sarah Okin & Elan Ruggill
Saturday, April 22nd
"Roadhouse Indulgence"
Roadhouse Garden Salad
Buttermilk Fried Chicken & Nashville Hot Chicken 
Roadhouse Macaroni and Cheese
Mashed Potatoes
Roasted Chicken Gravy
Roasted Vegetables
Roadhouse Chocolate Puddin'
Homemade Chocolate Cake
Selection of wines
Maximum number of guests: 6 
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Hosts: Margit Burmeister and Ke Liu

Saturday, April 22nd

5:30 pm

"Home-cooked Vegetarian Chinese"

Dishes will be served family style in roughly this order.

Cold dish of edible Chrysanthemum with cucumber and pickled tofu
Salad of vegetables and golden needle mushrooms
Braised tofu with wood ear mushrooms
Spicy braised Chinese eggplant
Stir-fried Napa cabbage
Stir-fried tricolored Amaranth and/or Chinese water spinach
Steamed dumplings with egg and Chinese chive filling
Taro root with edamame
Stir fried bamboo shoots
Soup of spinach, tofu, egg, fried potato chips with some bamboo fungus and goji
sticky white rice
Seasonal Chinese fruit
Chrysanthemum tea and Chinese beer
Maximum number of guests: 6

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Hosts: Caroline Helton & Matthew Kaplan
Saturday, April 22nd
Pet friendly
“Bouillabaise, French fish stew, with homemade bread”
Veggie/cheese hors d’oeurvres
Bouillabaise with snapper and cod
Spinach salad
Homemade bread
Crème caramel
Coffee and tea
Selection of wines and spirits
Maximum number of guests: 4
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Hosts: Carol & Gideon Hoffer
Saturday, April 22nd
“Middle Eastern Feast”
Home Made Baba Ganoush

Grilled Meats

Grilled Vegetables

Mediterrean Salads

Oranges in Grand Marni

Clementine Cake

Maximum number of guests: 10
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Hosts: Susan Sefansky & David Goldstein
Saturday, April 22nd
“Moroccan Delicacies”
Assorted Moroccan appetizers
Lentil soup
Spinach salad with lemon dressing
Moroccan chicken pie
Dessert: oranges, baklava
Maximum number of guests: 8
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Hosts: Eva & Ed Solomon
Saturday, April 22
7:30 pm
"Springtime Super Food Dinner Party"
Maximum # of guests: 8
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Sunday, April 23rd 2017

Hosts: Bette & Alan Cotzin and Karen & Art Lindenberg
Sunday, April 23rd
“We Love to Bake” Brunch
Veggie frittata
Baked cream cheese French toast casserole
Lox and cheese rollups
Ottolenghi chocolate krantz (babka)
Cranberry lime shots
Checkerboard cookies
Coffee, tea, Prosecco
Maximum number of guests: 12
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Host: Linda & Karlan Bender
Sunday, April 23rd
11:00 am
"Sunday Brunch"
Frittata with cheese and veggies
Cinnamon rolls with gluten-free flour products
Fruit salad
Juice, coffee and tea
Maximum number of guests: 6
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Hosts: Leslie Bash, Phyllis & David Herzig
Sunday, April 23
International Brunch
Mimosas fruit skewers

Assorted cheeses

Artichoke dip with crudité

Cheese wafers and crackers

Highland smoked salmon with capers and other accoutrements

White fish spread

Scandinavian herring

Salad Nicoise

Fiesta Eggs with avocado spread and/or salsa

Personal omelets with your choice of fillings created by Chef David

Asparagus with lemon aioli

Cheeses Blintzes with strawberry-rhubarb sauce and sour cream

Croissants, bagels, breads

Assorted pastries, tea breads, coffee cakes latte, cap., espresso, tea

Maximum number of guests: 12
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Hosts: Rachel Bendit & Mark Bernstein and Helen & Noah Kaplan
Sunday, April 23rd
11:00 am
"French Cuisine"
Surprise Menu!
Maximum number of guests: 20

Hosts: Pam & Steve Landau and Sue & Larry Adler
11:00 am
Sunday, April 23rd
Sunday Brunch at Quarter Bistro
European Bistro dining with a Cajun/Creole twist
Maximum number of guests: 14
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Hosts: Laurie & Jeff Barnett and Susan & Keith Aaronson 
Sunday, April 23rd
Pet friendly
“A Mediterranean Medley Brunch”
Poached salmon, Greek-style
Egg Frittata with Feta
Greek Yogurt Bar with Dried Fruit, Nuts and Granola
Grilled Asparagus, Zucchini and Manouri
Farrato Salad -- Farro with Wilted Greens, White Beans and Sun Dried Tomatoes
Baby Spinach Salad with Dates and Almonds
Roasted Red and Golden Beets Salad
Apple and Olive Cake w/Maple Frosting
Lemon Yogurt Pound Cake
Fruit Salad
Coffee, Tea, Juice
Maximum number of guests: 20
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Hosts: Susan & Murray Rebner
Sunday, April 23rd
“Delicious Sunday Brunch”
Mimosas, coffee, tea
Vegetable and cheese egg casseroles
Bagels, lox, cream cheese
Sliced tomatoes, cucumbers, onion, olives
Banana, pecan waffles
Assorted coffee cakes
Maximum number of guests: 10
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Hosts: Linda Levy, Lauren Levy and Adam Linkner
Sunday, April 23rd
“A Mishpucha Sunday Brunch”
Lox, onions, and veggies
Homemade smoked salmon
Egg salad and whitefish salad
Potato Kugel
Bagels and cream cheeses
Fruit salad
Coffee cake
Coffee, tea, juices, and seltzer
Pet friendly
Maximum number of guests: 10
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Host: Fran & Irwin Martin
Sunday, April 23rd
“Spectacular Champagne Brunch”
Catered by “Simply Scrumptious”
Salmon Hash - Fresh salmon filet, potato, onion, and dill are combined to make this wonderful hash, served with a creamy herbed dill caper sauce.
Frittatas - A crustless quiche, creamy egg custard filled with a three cheese blend.
Waffle Station - Freshly made waffles, served piping hot with choice of whipped cream, butter, real maple syrup, fresh berries, sauteed apples, caramelized bananas, walnuts, almonds, chocolate sauce and more.
Breakfast pastries - A selection of our house made breakfast pastries, to include lemon poppy seed muffins, mini cinnamon rolls, and other selections such as scones, muffins, fruit breads, coffee cakes, sweet rolls and more.
Fresh fruit tray - A beautiful arrangement of fresh fruit such as pineapple, melons, strawberries and grapes.
Maximum number of guests: 8
Pet friendly

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Hosts: Irene & Charles Butter
Sunday, April 23rd
“Sunday Brunch”
Lox and bagels
Frittata: eggs, mushroom, cheese
Cucumbers, tomatoes, olives
Bread and toast
Coffee cake
Coffee, tea, orange juice, mineral water
Maximum number of guests: 6
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Host: Yael Ganet
Sunday, April 23rd
“Brunch on Sunday”
Quiche- dairy and non-dairy
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Hosts: Abbie Lawrence-Jacobson & Alan Jacobson
Sunday, April 23rd
“Homemade Syrian Feast”
This brunch will be both a delicious homemade Syrian feast and a meaningful cultural exchange. Join us for a very special meal catered by a recent Syrian refugee family, who will share in the meal with us as we get to know one another.
Makloba (meat, eggplant, rice and nut dish)
Kabob Hindi (meat and tomato dish)
Baba Ghanoush
Mutabal Shamanda
Basbousa (sweet semolina cake)
Maximum number of guests: 10

Hosts: Susan Pollans & Alan Levy
Sunday, April 23rd
“Mediterranean Cuisine”
Warm pita bread
Mediterranean mezze spread
Tea, coffee and juice
Maximum number of guests: 8
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Hosts: Susan Fisher and Nan & Steve Gill
Sunday, April 23rd
“Sunday Lunch in Provence”
Roast duck legs with potatoes
Seasonal vegetables
Endive, Pear & Roquefort salad
Lemon tart
Wine, Coffee, and Tea
Maximum number of guests: 8
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Hosts: Leslie Kamil, Margery & Jerry Melchiode
Sunday, April 23rd
@Miss Kim’s Restaurant
Trendy spot for traditional Korean fare with a modern, seasonal twist in contemporary surrounds
Maximum number of guests: 10
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Hosts: Gayle & Bruce Moyer
Sunday, April 23rd
“Italian Springtime Dinner”
Spring salad with Seasonal fresh Ingredients
Gnocci with seasonal pesto
Lamb with herbs
Spring pea and ricotta torte
Wine and Prosecco
Maximum number of guests: 6
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Hosts: Lisa & Howie Saulles and Debbie & Jerry Rosenberg
Sunday, April 23rd
“A Taste of Thailand”
Appetizer: Rice paper wrapped vegetable spring rolls
Chicken or beef Satay
Tom Yom soup
Chicken pad thai
Fresh salad
Dessert: Thai sweet sticky rice with mango and lime shortbread cookies
Maximum number of guests: 6
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Hosts: Judy & Bob Ahronheim
Sunday, April 23rd
“Post-Passover Kosher Indulgence”
Nuts, marinated olives, sangria
Assorted home made rolls
Orange almond salad, honeydew with mint
Carrot pilaf
Beef in red wine
Spring vegetables
Orange cake, TripleSec
Coffee and tea
Maximum number of guests: 6
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Hosts: Robin and Rod Little
“Soups, Salads, and Sundaes”
Sunday, April 23rd
Soups: Corn and chicken chowder, minestrone, and carrot-ginger
Bread and rolls
Assorted green salads
Ice cream sundae bar with a variety of toppings
Wine, beer and soft drinks
Coffee and tea
Maximum number of guests: 6
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Hosts: Judie & Jerry Lax and Suzanne & Jay Mahler
Sunday, April 23rd
“Discover Moroccan Cuisine”
Nuts and olives
Salad with Orange date walnut; Grated Carrot; Zeilook-Eggplant; Cucumber with Zatar; Tomato
Lamb Tagine
Moroccan pastries
Maximum number of guests: 10
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