Community Assistance

During the Covid 19 crisis, we will be responding to requests for services, but please be patient with us as our response may be impacted by volume of demand and other variables.

Click here to view our operational updates and community response during this time. 

Community Assistance

JFS Community Assistance team members address a wide range of crisis needs in the community. The thorough intake and assessment allow us to triage crisis needs and develop client-centered goals, objectives, and actions that will assist you in responding to immediate crises, promoting stability and enhancing self-sufficiency.

If you are making a first time inquiry to JFS we will conduct a brief intake with you over the phone or in person. This screening is an opportunity to discuss your needs with a skilled JFS team member here to help.

For questions, please contact 734-769-0209, ext. 1.

Crisis Intervention

Emergencies can quickly come up in your, or your loved ones, lives.  JFS can help you in accessing specialized services and funds within Washtenaw county to help you cope with the unexpected.

Resource Navigation

JFS is an active community partner. While we fulfill many needs in-house at JFS we can help you access resources and specialty services from agencies and organizations across the county and the state.

Case Management

Washtenaw County adults age 60+ can receive WISE Safety Net and WISE Choice services. Click here for more information go to jfsannarbor.org/transforming-aging. If you are under at 60 JFS may be able to provide brief case management and care coordination via Community Assistance. Contact us to make an inquiry.

Financial Assistance

Occasionally, community, corporate, local, state or federal financial assistance may be available. For example, DTE may offer assistance in preventing energy shut offs; the Jewish Federation of Ann Arbor may offer camp scholarship. Contact us to inquire about the availability such resources.